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Tzanakis Manolis with Ksiraki Kriti
Manolis & Kriti
Vintage villa Chania
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My friends and creators are Manolis and Kriti

They have really thought of everything ... from respect for the environment (the food that thrives in my garden is organic, the paint on my walls, Ecolabel Vitex, is ecological), to the outdoor and indoor comforts, down to every little detail. Even the logo you find on each page is the essence of my life: my name, my date of birth, 2012 and the stylized ancient Greek symbols of my beloved Sun and Sea.

It comes as no surprise that they are able to anticipate every possible need, as they have been doing this for a long time: Kriti Ksiraki has years of experience working at her family’s hotel, Mediterranea Apartments, while Manolis Tzanakis has owned and managed reputable pubs in Chania.

They will be at your discreet disposal. If you need anything at all, just go to the backyard, find the secondary independent entrance from the back street, and ring the bell.

P.S. They ensured I have my own EOT tourist license!

Email: info@villaemanuele.com
Phone: (+30) 693 7551501 Manolis
(+30) 693 4770246 Kriti
Modi, Chania - Greece

Looking forward to seeing you!

villa emanuele

my skin is green, like the olive tree
my floors are blue, like the Cretan sea
come to Modi, come and see
come and spend some time with me

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