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I was born in 2012 in paradise... on the island of Crete. When I first opened my eyes, I saw Beauty: I’m perched atop a hillside strewn with olive trees, nestled between the sky and the sea, deep in Nature, inhaling the unparalleled freshness of the White Mountains and sea air. I live in Modi, once an ancient city, today a small picturesque village in northern Crete near Chania.

I am surrounded by a magical garden: fragrant Mediterranean flowers in every colour, as well as fruit trees, herbs and fresh, juicy vegetables. I even have my own personal Cretan sea: a swimming pool in the garden and an old retired fishing boat that once sailed the seas.

Come and spend a few peaceful mornings with me, prepare your breakfast, walk out to my beautiful terrace and revel in the breathtaking view: the sea, the olive trees, the little white Church and Thodorou island, with a fortress that once protected Crete, which is now a refuge for wild animals and migratory birds. Sometimes, in the quiet morning breeze of the Modi hills, I can even feel the echoes of seed farmers toiling in the ancient harvest threshing. While away the day in the garden, in the cool shade of the trees and the serenity of Nature.

Enjoy the crystal clear blue water of the pool followed by a barbecue dinner. If you wish to remain indoors, relax in my spacious and bright living room, with all the comforts and entertainment you could hope for, and gaze out over the panoramic view through my floor-to-ceiling window.

Mediterranean fruits

After a day spent sunbathing on an unspoilt Cretan beach, or exploring the enchanting old harbour in Chania, be sure to return before sunset to prepare your evening meal and cocktails, and watch the world change before your very eyes: the bright daylight of the Aegean sun will burn into a red sky and then fade into dark blue. The evening scents and sounds rise once the sun has set: Thodorou island and its nocturnal wildlife awaken, as does Platanias, the village at the foot of my hill. Restaurants, bars, pubs slowly stir and you will soon see the twinkling nightlife lights. Will you enjoy it from above with me, in the silence of Modi, or will you wander down? Platanias is only a few minutes away by car. And when all is finally still, before retiring to one of my comfortable bedrooms, take a few moments to breath in the silence, the night and the star-filled sky.

Thank you for visiting my web page. I do hope we will meet one day.

Villa Emanuele


Email: info@villaemanuele.com
Phone: (+30) 693 7551501 Manolis
(+30) 693 4770246 Kriti
Modi, Chania - Greece

Looking forward to seeing you!

villa emanuele

my skin is green, like the olive tree
my floors are blue, like the Cretan sea
come to Modi, come and see
come and spend some time with me

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